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    My first question to address an immediate conundrum, sense they are technically not contracts, do BOAs actually have an expiration date? Secondly, I have read the FAR Part that speaks on the subject of BOAs in all its four paragraph brevity, is there any practical guidance outside of the FAR on the subject of BOAs?


    As you correctly note, FAR 16.701 does not contain a tremendous amount of guidance regarding Basic Ordering Agreements (BOAs).  This is intentional.  The FAR permits agencies a great deal of flexibility in crafting BOAs.  The mandatory BOA provisions and processes are contained in FAR 16.703(c) and (d).  To one of your specific questions, FAR 16.703(c)(2) states "Each basic ordering agreement shall be reviewed annual before the anniversary of its effective date and revised as necessary to conform to the requirements of this regulation..."  Additionally, DFARS 16.703(c) provides that the period during which orders may be placed against a basic ordering agreement may not exceed 5 years and the procedures at PGI 216.703(d) are used for issuing orders. 
    With respect to your need to know the "granularity" of your collection of BOAs, you'll have to expend the effort to read each of them.  Perhaps, your predecessor or your supervisor can point you in a direction that maximizes your efficiency. 

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