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    Are there any training materials that I can use to help me present this subject to my PM? I am looking for a PowerPoint presentation that I can modify/tailor for my audience. PLEASE don't refer me to the DAG. I have it as well as a number of other references. I'm looking for a presentation I can use for my PME.


    See documents at for a good example of a PowerPoint briefing from the Air Force on how to put an Acquisition Strategy together.  It includes Acquisition Plan considerations as well.  It is a 2008 template, so be aware it does NOT include changes from the Oct 2009 Weapon System Acquisition Reform Act (see 2nd document for a briefing on that) or the more recent Better Buying Power Initiatives from then USD(ATL) Dr. Carter (link to all BBPI info at .


    That said, the eTool at gives the template for an acquisition strategy, and the FAR Par 7.106 gives the format and a lot of detail on how to write the acquisition plan.

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