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    1. Is a DD 1149 form the only way to determine if the property being sent to us is actual Government Property?


    No, the DD Form 1149 is not the only way to determine if the item sent is Government Property.  This form or its equivalent may suffice.  In addition to the DD Form 1149, additional information regarding proof that an item is Government Property may be found in the terms and conditions of the contract, subcontract, Contractor’s Property Management System or other official correspondence.

    In 2010 Ed Winters, past President of the National Property Management Association, wrote an article titled: “DD Form 1149 Fact or Fiction” (The Property Professional, Volume 22, Issue 5, pages 8 to 17). This article provides a history of this form and it also mentions its use by the Department of Defense, NASA and other federal agencies.   The following excerpt from Mr. Winter’s article refers to NASA’s use of this form:

    Unlike the DoD Supplement, the NASA Supplement contains some specific language requiring the use of a DD1149.  In Subpart 1846.106-70, the Contracting Officer is directed to incorporate clause 1852.245-71in all contracts involving work by contractors on NASA installations.  Paragraph (iii) of the clause clearly identifies the requirement to use a DD1149 to transfer title of purchased property from the contractor to the government within five days or receipt. 
    (iii) The contractor shall establish a record of the property as required by FAR 45.5 and 1845.5 and furnish to the Industrial Property Officer a DD Form 1149 Requisition and Invoice/Shipping Document (or installation equivalent) to transfer accountability to the Government within five working days after receipt of the property by the contractor. 
    The contractor is accountable for all contractor-acquired property until the property is transferred to the Government’s accountability. 

    Now granted the language allows for the use of an installation equivalent form, but if no such equivalent form exists, it is clear the DD1149 shall be used.   

    Mr. Winter’s article should provide you with a better understanding of the DD Form 1149.  It may be found on the following web site:

    8 | The Property Professional | Volume 22, Issue 5 DD FORM 1149 ... were some instructions on the back that provided guidance as to what information was ...
    The DoD Manual for the Performance of Contract Property Administration (DoD 4161.2-M December 1991) Appendix E provided instructions for the use, completion, and distribution of this form.  On February 22, 2008 the Deputy Executive Director, Contracts Directorate, issued a “Rescission of Instruction” for this Manual stating that this Manual “is now obsolete.”  Rescinding DoD 4161.2-M also rescinded the instructions for filling out the DD Form 1149.  This form does not have any instructions on how it is to be completed.

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