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    how do I correct a task order that should have been charged by clin but has been charged and paid first in first out?


    I called the questioner (who is the COR) and the issue is that the contractor billed ACRN AA for all items on the contract.  The Task Order has four ACRN’s, while there were sufficient funds in ACRN AA to pay for all items, the correct customers weren’t billed (ACRN’s AB, AC and AD).  As yearend approaches the customers want ALL of their undisbursed funds returned, so the ACRN’s need to be fixed in WAWF.
    I contacted the US Army WAWF Helpdesk (there are others at the WAWF Website: click Gov’t Support Link at the bottom of the webpage).  Their response is below on how to correct the issue.
    “If these documents in WAWF have already been processed, the person who accepted these documents will need to contact the Pay Office listed on the contract to have adjustments done to the ACRNs/CLINs.  The Pay Office will have to move the spent funds to the correct CLINs to adjust the lines of accounting in the Pay Entitlements System.”
    Army WAWF Help Desk
    FOLLOW UP:  The questioner/COR is the "person who accepted these documents" and they have now contacted DFAS (Pay Office) with the needed changes, so it should all be fixed now.

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