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    Is a consolidation memorandum required if the prior acquisition had been approved for consolidation and the scope of the current acquisition is identical to the prior acquisition? The definition of Consolidation in DFARS 207.170 is as follows: Consolidation of contract requirements means the use of a solicitation to obtain offers for a single contract or a multiple award contract to satisfy two or more requirements of a department, agency, or activity for supplies or services that previously have been provided to, or performed for, that department, agency, or activity under two or more separate contracts. The words "that previously have been provided to" seem to indicate that since the prior acquisition was consolidated, and not performed under two or more separate contracts, that another consolidation determination memorandum is not required. Is a consolidation memorandum required for this new acquisition?


    A consolidation memo is stil required for your new follo-on acquisition.  The contract is still defined as a consolidation iaw DFARS 207.170.  This is just the 2nd time you are doing a consolidation.  You will still have to justify doing the consolidation if it is over the dollar thresholds.  The OSBP website has a Benefit Analysis Guidebook (although dollar values are outdated) to help you.  Go to and look under the "Resources" tab to find the Guidebook. 

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