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    can a person be a member of the Source Selection Team for the recompete. The current contractor will bid on the recompete. This seems like a conflict of interest to me.


    Good question:  Better to be safe than sorry.  Of course a COR may be assigned as a member of a source selection.  After all, in typical scenarios the COR comes from the organization requiring the contract and often has a level of technical expertise as well as experience overseeing contract performance. In all COR Training one the things they are taught is that they may be assigned to a Source Selection Evaluation Team. 
    I’m assuming you are worried about the COR having a personal conflict of interest (reference guidance in FAR 3.101 and 18 U.S.C. 208 and 5 C.F.R. 2635).  There is no automatic conflict of interest.  In fact, typically conflict of interest situations arise because an individual has a financial interest in an organization which would hinder them from acting in an impartial manner and most definitely have the appearance of impropriety.  If this were the case then the individual should NOT be a COR in the first place!  So I will assume that is not the case in your instance.
    Next Steps: As long as the Contracting Officer and Source Selection Authority ensure all members of the SST are trained appropriately in procurement integrity matters and the requirement to safe guard source selection sensitive information, etc. it should be okay.  Additional guidance is found at FAR 3.101 and 3.104, FAR 15.201 and 15.303, DFARS 203.1, DFARS 215.300 and PGI 215.303.  Finally, you must follow the Department of Defense Source Selection Procedures Guide dated 4 Mar 2011 if the dollar threshold in your situation dictates; see section 1.4 for roles and responsibilities.

    Note: At the DoD level, there is no distinction between the nomenclatures of "COR" vs "COTR"; COTR is no longer a FAR/DFAR or FAI defined term.

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