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    How long is AMMO-45 certification good for?


    1) According to the DAC Course Catalog, Ammo-45-DL Introduction to Ammunition, "...provides basic training in the safety and fundamental technical aspects of ammunition and explosives for personnel directly involved in hands-on exposure to ammunition items and/or operations." Since this is an "Introduction" course, it is basically a one time course and has no regulatory certification expiration date. Unlike Ammo-67 which is a "HAZMAT Familiarization" course has a regulatory requirement in both 49 CFR, Section 172.704 and DOD 4500.9-R, Chpt 204. Besides the intial training requirment, there is a requirement for "Refresher Training" in the regulations, thus the 2 year life span. So unless your local AMC-R 350-4, Ammunition Certification Board puts a recertification requirement on Ammo-45, there is no need to take it more than once.

    2) There are three locations spelling out ammunition/explosives training requirements; 1. DA Pam 385-64, 2. AMC-R 350-4 and 3. Your local requirements (local ammunition certification board). Ammo-45 is not a certification course but is a requirement of the first and second references provided and is also a prerequisite to a number of other courses such as Ammo-4, Ammo-60, etc. Bottom line Ammo-45 is a onetime course but I would strongly recommend anyone with a break in munitions work for a few years (2 or more) be required to take the course again as a refresher. Not regulator but good sound business practice.

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