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    Are we exempt from synopsizing 8(a) requirements per 5.202(a)(4) or are we required to advertise IAW 19.804-2(c)? If we are required to advertise, does this apply to both sole source and competitive 8(a) requirements, or only to competitive 8(a) requirements, and who is responsible for posting the synoposis, the DoD agency or SBA?


    You are correct.  For a sole source 8(a) there is no synopsis required per FAR 5.202(a)(4).  Additionally, your reference to FAR 19.804-2(c) applies to competitive 8(a) but not sole source.  Therefore, if you have a competitive 8(a) requirement, that is when you would synopsize IAW FAR 19.804-2(c), and as a result, you (DoD) would be responsible for posting the synopsis. 

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