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    Is there a good DAU online course or materials available for Independent Government Estimates? When it's a SAP construction, repair of heavy equipment, or demolition/paint should the customer contact a contractor for pricing? Should the contractor be found in


    This request is a multi-part and I will attempt to answer it that same way.
    1)  Is there a good DAU online course or materials available for IndependentGovernment Estimates? There are several on-line and resident DAU courses that should assist your customers in developing an Independent Government
    Estimate. They include:
    On-line courses: CLB 007, Cost Analysis; CLB 032, Force Structure Costing; CLB 032, Data Collection and Sources; CLB 029, Rates; CLC 008, Indirect Costs, CLC 104, Analyzing Profit and Fee Resident courses: BCF 106 Fundamentals of Cost Analysis; BCF 107, Applied Cost Analysis; BCF 204, Intermediate Cost Analysis; BCF 206, Cost Risk Analysis
    2) Quick customer methods to determine ballpark estimates: Unfortunately, there are no quick solutions. Development of Independent Government Estimates requires knowledge of the requirement, education, training, and experience. Development of an IGE most likely will require different skill sets and effort based on a variety of factors such as under or over the SAT; commercial or non-commercial requirement; commodity, services, construction, new requirement or repair of an older item.
    3) Directions from the Contracting Officer to obtain three quotes: There is not a specific requirement for this action at the FAR/DFARS level. Agency or  command unique FAR supplements or other directives may require the quotes. The requirement for submittal of government estimates is not specifically addressed in the FAR/DFARS with the exception of Construction and Architect & Engineering projects covered in FAR/DFARS Part 36. However, the requirement for IGE is implied in several locations including:
    a) FAR 15.406-1(a) Prenegotiations Objectives ...They shall be based on ...Independent Government cost estimates and price histories...
    b) FAR 19.807(b)  Estimating Fair  Market price ...available in-house cost estimates...
    (c) FAR 7.103(f) Ensuring the statement of work is closely aligned with performance outcomes and cost estimates.
    (d) FAR 7.105(a)(3) Cost. Set forth the established cost goals for the acquisition and the rationale supporting them, and discuss related cost concepts to be employed...
    e) FAR 15.404-1(b)(2)(v) Price Analysis for Commercial and Non-commercial items ...comparison of proposed prices with independent government cost estimates...
    f) FAR 15-404-1(c)(2)(iii)(D) ...Independent Cost estimates by technical personnel...
    The FAR/DFARS requirement for development and submittal of IGEs, while related, is separate from the actions a contract specialist must take after receipt of the purchase request even if your customers obtained three quotes. The actions you must take are in compliance with the Competition in Contracting Act, the Small Business Act, plus other FAR/DFARS requirements.
    4) There are several sources for information available from the internet that can be used to brief customers. Just Google any of several terms to include: cost estimate, Government cost estimate, independent cost estimate, in-house estimates, etc.

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