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    My question is: Is there a "101" type brief that is developed to show the process for a company that has never contracted with the USG would have to do to become eligible. In the brief I would be looking for all the FAR and DFAR regulation to include the accounting systems required, the reporting requirements for service types of contracts, etc. I do not have all the particulars so I am asking does that type of presentation exist.


    I'm unaware of any all-inclusive briefing, but a good place to start is to advise the interested foreign company to obtain a CAGE code. Information on obtaining CAGE codes for foreign companies can be found at this link. Additional information on the process can be obtained by contacting DLA's Customer Interaction Center at (269) 961-7766 or (877) 352-2255, or by sending a message to

    Of course, FAR Part 25 and DFARS 225 provide the basics for contracting with a foreign company. Other FAR requirements pertaining to issues such as accounting systems and reporting requirements should be presumed to be the same when contracting with foreign companies, unless the applicable FAR section specifically excludes foreign concerns from the requirement. 

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