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    Can a requirements document from 1987 be utilized for the upgrade of a program using the same basic end item (i.e. rifle)? If not, can we have some document requirements waived. This is currently an ACAT Level III program and will remain a Level III Program.


    Since the program is an ACAT III program, a Service-level requirements document would be appropriate.  Also, the determination depends on how you define the work to be performed.  The answer ultimately lies with your Service, so you may want to consult with your Service Acquisition Executive (SAE) staff.  Depending on the work to be performed, the item could be upgraded based on the original requirement.  If it is a conversion to a new capability, the program would probably need a new Service-level requirements document.
    Here are some definitions and references that may help:   
    1)  Evolutionary Acquisition is defined as the preferred DoD strategy for rapid acquisition of mature technology for the user.  An evolutionary approach delivers capability in increments, recognizing up front the need for future capability improvements.  Each increment is a militarily useful and supportable operational capability that can be developed, produced, deployed, and sustained.  Block upgrades, pre-planned product improvements, and similar efforts that provide a significant increase in operational capability and meet an acquisition category threshold as specified by DoDI 5000.02 are managed as separate increments. (DoDI 5000.02)
    2)  Modification is defined as the alteration, conversion, or modernization of an end item or component of investment equipment that changes or improves the original purpose or operational capacity in relation to effectiveness, efficiency, reliability, or safety of that item. (Army Regulation 750-10)
    3)  The latest JCIDS Manual states: At end of life, capability solutions supporting enduring capability requirements may need to be recapitalized to prevent a capability gap related to an enduring capability requirement.  In cases where the original capability requirements are still valid, and there are no changes to the previous KPPs, the original JCIDS documents may be used to recapitalize the capabilities and additional staffing and validation is not required.  In cases where the original capability requirement have been altered and/or different capabilities are to be pursued as part of the recapitalization, updated JCIDS documents are submitted for staffing and validation.
    4)  According to Army Regulation 71-9 (, all acquisition category (ACAT) I, IA, II, and III materiel acquisition programs will have a capability production document (CPD) describing the required capability, prepared in accordance with 3170–series, to support a Milestone (MS) C decision. Base operations procurement programs where acquiring or improving equipment for modified table of organization and equipment (MTOE), deployable unit tables of distribution and allowance (TDA), and Information Technology/National Security System (IT/NSS) providing interface to deployed units will use a CPD or HQDA directed requirement.  Requirements for ICD and capabilities development document (CDD) are dependent on several variables allowing flexibility in the on-ramp to JCIDS process; see 3170–series for clarification on ICD and CDD requirements and application

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