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    Has the definition been changed such that any, emphasis any, repairs referred to a Government Depot or to a Contractor now constitute Depot Level Maintenance.


    To answer your question in a word—“no.”  As you point out, the current text of 10 USC 2460, as modified by the FY 12 National Defense Authorization Act, states that depot-level maintenance requires skills, facilities and equipment not available at lower echelons of maintenance (e.g., intermediate and organizational levels).  Thus, the recent change to the statute clarified the notion that depot-level maintenance is limited to capability not available at lower echelons.  For each weapon system, the determination of which maintenance tasks require depot-level maintenance capability is accomplished in the supportability analysis processes known as “maintenance task analysis” and “level of repair analysis.”  
    Obviously, there are many occasions when depot-level personnel must perform organizational-/ intermediate-level tasks (such as removing an aircraft panel) in order to be able to accomplish assigned depot-level tasks.  But such O & I level tasks performed by depot personnel do not, in and of themselves, constitute depot-level maintenance.

    The ACQuipedia article cited in your question was out of date, in that it quoted outdated text from 10 USC 2460.  The article has now been updated.  Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

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