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    What are the DoD and/or Federal Acquisition Steps for procuring a new piece of equipment that would exceed $3 million in contract value? Does DAU maintain a comparable side-by-side DoD Acquisition Steps versus Commercial Sales Steps in order to show the difference?


    You can use FAR Part 12 procedures regardless of dollar value, so the fact that a $3 million equipment item is being procured is not especially relevant. I don't know of any specific "checklist" for completing a FAR Part 12 procurement...only one for making an commercial item "determination." Any items that would be in such a checklist are covered in FAR Part 12 and DFARS 212.

    DoD's Commercial Item Handbook is also very helpful. You may find DPAP's Commercial Item web page useful.

    Finally, this Office of General Counsel web page, although a bit dated, covers the changes brought about by FAR Part 12 as contrasted with non-commercial procedures.

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