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    We are currently evaluating the need for a fourth cost model. Should we includedthis as part of the PWS or leave it out and do a modification later?


    If a fourth cost model is a possibility, an option for the fourth cost model should be included in accordance with FAR 17.203, FAR 17.204, and FAR 17.205.  Increasing quantity after award is not within the scope of the original contract and constitutes a cardinal change.  In order to increase the quantity, add a fourth cost model, one would have to compete the fourth cost model as a new contract or qualify for other than full and open competition in accordance with FAR 6.302-1; FAR 6.302-2; FAR 6.302-3; FAR 6.302-4; FAR 6.302-5; FAR 6.302-6; or FAR 6.302-7.

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