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    I'm working with the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) Washington Technical Support Group (WTSG). They have requirements for a Man-portable Radiological Detection System. They do not fall under any of the services (Army/Navy/USMC/AF). Who would be thier combat developer? would it be JRO?


    As a defense agency, DTRA can be their own combat developer and send the requirements direct to the joint staff.  However, there are issues:
    - What is the analysis that supports the firm requirement?  Are they already at the Capability Development Document (CDD) stage?
    - Do any of the services have a similar requirement?  Has DTRA staffed the requirement with the military services?
    - If this requirement is in fact not limited to just DTRA, it should be managed by the Army.  However, if this is a special use need that will be limited to just DTRA, then maybe not.
    - If this program falls under the Chemical Biological Defense Program (CBDP), the documentation says that the Army is the Executive Agent and, through Joint Requirements Office (JRO), serves as Joint Combat Developer for the CBDP. 

    The following references define the roles and responsibilities for CBDP.

    1)  DoD Directive 5160.05E, Roles and Responsibilities Associated with the Chemical and Biological Defense Program (CBDP), October 9, 2008
    2)  USD AT&L Memorandum, “Implementation Plan for the Management of the Chemical Biological Defense Program (CBDP)”, April 22, 2003

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