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    Can personnel assigned to an ACAT I program take on addtional program/project responsibilities outside the legal understanding of theaCAT I roles and responsibilities?


    In general, there is no DoD directive or instruction that specifies the “legal” responsibilities of an ACAT I program.  By policy, DoDD 5000.01, paragraph 3.5, assigns the Program Manager with responsibility and authority to accomplish program objectives and makes him accountable for cost, schedule and performance reporting to his Milestone Decision Authority.  No DoD directive or instruction limits the assignment of an individual working in program offices from performing duties as assigned by the PM.

    This query appears to actually revolve around a personnel issue, that is, can an individual in a Program Management Office be assigned duties beyond what is required by the official job description?   Normally job descriptions are written broadly enough so this is not an issue.  I recommend that the IG direct the individual to his/her Component personnel office or Human Resources Office for resolution, and failing that, have the individual address his/her issue through the chain of command.  I recommend the IGs not get involved until normal administrative/personnel procedures have been fully exercised.

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