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    Should we include CPARS evaluation expectations in sections L and M of our RFP and in a final contract, and if so, how?


    This question involves two topics, Contractor Performance Assessment Reports (CPARS) and using past performance in source selection. 

    Note that development of CPARS reports are the responsibility of the Government Assessing Official who has management responsibility for the overall program. CPARS are written to document the contractor's performance in executing the contract requirements after contract award (reference FAR subpart 42.15 and Guidance for the CPARS System). 

    Past performance/quality is considered in competitive source selections.  The DoD Source Selection Procedures document, March 2011, states:  ...
    "In accordance with FAR 15.304(c)(2), the quality of product or service shall be addressed in every source selection through consideration of one or more non-cost evaluation factors such as past performance, compliance with solicitation requirements, technical excellence, management capability, personnel qualifications, and prior experience.
    All source selection evaluations shall utilize one or more quality of product or service evaluation factors tailored to the source selection process employed...."

    Instructions to the offerors on what must be addressed in their proposals for past performance / quality (and other factors such as technical) would be contained in RFP Section L. For example Section L might ask each offeror to submit past performance information on five recent contracts (within 5 years) and relevant (to this requirement).  Section M addresses the broad areas of a contractor’s proposal that will be reviewed and assessed by the Government to form the basis for the contract award decision. 

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