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    I am familiar with the DAL - data accession list - my question is what is the actual mechanism to ask for a document that is listed on the DAL. Do I need another data item to request the document? Can it be done simply by COR letter?


    According to the Data Item Description (DID) for DI-MGMT-81453A, "The purpose of the Data Accession List (DAL) is to provide a medium for identifying contractor internal data which has been generated by the contractor in compliance with the work effort described in the Statement of Work (SOW).  THe DAL is an index of the generated data theat is made available upon request."  With that being said, I do not know of a generalized formal process for requesting documents from a DAL that would aplly to every type of program and/or situation.  In my experience, every program (and probably contracting officer) would have a slightly varying approach.  Although I think you could use a COR Letter to accomplish what you need, I would recommend that you discuss this with your KO and COR for this contract to determine what is the best method (or process) for requesting this information.

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