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    What TB, FM or AR will I find where it says we can't de-link our ammunition?


    Two issues in addressing this question.

    1. AIN 071-12 paragraph 6B states; "Units are prohibited from delinking a single DODIC of SAA or MCA to alter the DODIC's original configuration, such as removing tracer rounds from a ball and tracer DODIC, or removal of individual rounds for use in single fire weapons, such as in sniper rifles".

    Bottom line, what they are doing is prohibited and should not be continued, authority and reference is AIN 071-12,

    2. They are using the wrong ammunition wasting assets, i.e. the M62 tracer rounds from the 1305-A131. They should be using 1305-A143 which is what they are actually converting the A131 to. The two munitions look like this side by side.

    1305-A131; 7.62mm 4 Ball M80/1 TR M62
    1305-A143; 7.62mm Ball M80 LNKD

    By using the correct DODIC they will be saving time and money.

    The addressed practice causes two serious situations; a. by delinking the tracer rounds you lose lot identity creating unserviceable rounds. b. secondly, by allowing soldiers to delink and relink sets the stage to alter munitions at their discretion and in the past soldiers have mixed munitions creating a hazardous situation when firing the rounds. Soldiers have been injured in the past from this practice.

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