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    Is it recommended that we write a contract for less than 12 months? The customers says there is not enough money in the budget to write it for a full 12 months.


    We can only give a general answer here as there are many facts missing in your question.  The short answer is yes, you can have an 8 month requirement if you think your funding will only get you 8 months of work.  You could put a 4 month option in the solicitation and contract in case your customer comes up with more funding during the year.  Or, you can solicit your requirement for 12 months and let competition determine if you have enough funding.  You may have to play with the wording in your solicitation in case pricing is above your funding and negotiate with vendors to get pricing to an affordable level.  There are many options (more than stated here) that you can do depending on what your requirement is, the contract type, how competitive the environment is. 

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