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    What is the definition of "procurement cost" (Fly Away?, Weapon System?, etc.) in determining the ACAT catagory?


    Acquisition Categories (ACAT) are established to facilitate decentralized decision making and execution and compliance with statutorily imposed requirements. ACAT is determined on estimates of eventual dollar expenditure levels for research, development, test, and evaluation (RDT&E) or procurement; or those acquisition programs designated by the USD(AT&L) as MDAPs (Major Defense Acquisition Program). Initial ACAT determination is contained in the requirement documents.  

    For a further breakdown for specific dollar expenditure levels associate with ACAT I, II, III and IV (for Navy and Marine Corps) refer to the “Glossary of Defense Acquisition Acronyms & Terms,” 13th Edition November 2009, available through the Defense Acquisition Portal at  . You will find in the Glossary the definition of Procurement Cost as “Equal to the sum of the procurement cost for prime mission equipment, the procurement cost for support items, and the procurement cost for initial spares.” 

    And so, yes, you will need cost estimates for RDT&E and procurement to determine ACAT unless USD(AT&L) directs the program to be a MDAP for other decision making reasons. For a visualization of the Life Cycle Cost Composition link to the following ACC site at .  

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