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    I am wondering if anyone has a link to a comprehensive conversion chart/listing of ammunition articles. I have found brass conversion charts but I am looking for a chart that breaks down packaging beyond the CAPAULDI. For example, when I turn in DODIC A059, I know that I take the quantity of rounds and divide by 1680 to determine the wirebound box quantity, I divide by 140 to get the speed fillers, divide by 10 to get clip quantity, etc. This would be a document that a member would have compiled on their own. Aside from my own knowledge of ammunition packaging, sometimes I run across DODICs that I can't recall packaging quantities from memory. I am tired of constantly calling the ASP and bothering the Reconciliation personnel for these quantity conversions. I have my own document that I have made and updated along the way, but it includes only the basic DODICs (ie; 5.56mm, .50 cal, etc.) Just curious if anyone knows of a database that lists ammunition packaging details. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You. SFC Shaw


    DA PAM 710-2-1 Appendix J has a comprehensive listing that identifies Residue /Salvage Turn-in items. DA manual however, requires update and an ASP can make the list provided in text more restrictive.

    The best site for finding ammunition related questions for small arms and other like items is to get an account with MAKE - Marine Ammunition Knowledge Enterprise You can find the info by DODIC or NSN. It lists the packaging that was there when the ammo was issued and provides insight into how to package it all back up for shipment/turn-in. The other application is to get a MHP Munitions History Program account and you can find the information depending upon the access level you are granted by MHP. 

    Other than MAKE and MHP I would recommend access to National Level Ammunition Capability (NLAC), FEDLOG and Conventional Ordnance Resource Program (CORP) if CAPULDI is not meeting his requirements. NLAC links into FEDLOG and can even identify item managers if more details are required. NLAC and FEDLOG would cover most if not all Class V items in the supply system. CORP would provide breakdowns to Navy and Marine Corps specific assets (keeping in mind that they may and will utilize Army specific munitions).

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