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    Can you purchase an extended warranty on the Government Purchase Card?


    Warranties are covered under FAR 46.7 and DFARS 246.7.  The FAR states: "The use of a warranty in an acquisition shall be approved in accordance with agency procedures (FAR 46.704) and that "The benefits to be derived from a warranty must be commensurate with the cost of warranty to the Government.
    (FAR 46.702(c)).

    Further, FAR 46.703 (c) states that "The Government's ability to enforce the warranty is essential to the effectiveness of any warranty." FAR 46-709 Warranties of commercial items. "The contracting officer should take advantage of commercial warranties, including extended warranties where appropriate and in the Government's best interests, offered by the contactor for the repair and replacement of commercial items (see Part 12)
    Therefore you need to check with your agency procedures to see if you can purchase an extended warranty on a Government Purchase card, and what documentation and approvals you would need.

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