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    Can AMMO 67 OR LTC-012 be given in a group setting by an AMMO 62 Certified Individual?


    The training specified in 172.704 of the 49 CFR applies to all "HAZMAT employees". DOT defines a HAZMAT employee in 171.8. It basically defines them as anyone who directly affects transportation. This is a rather broad term and applies to a wide variety of personnel to include those who load, unload, handle, or prepare hazardous materials for transport. Vehicle operators are also in this category. 172.704 lists the areas in which these personnel must receive training. These include 1) General Awareness/familiarization,

    2) Function Specific,

    3) Safety,

    4) Security Awareness, and

    5) In-depth Security training.

    This training may be accomplished by any means. It could be obtained from DoD or from a commercial entity and nothing restricts the mode by which it is received as long as all requirements are met (i.e. testing/recording etc.). So, it could be received in an instructor-led mode or be web based. The key for this training is including all the above listed areas.

    I am not aware of any single web based product that includes ALL areas 1-5 above. Our (DAC) AMMO-67 course is a web based product that can be used and it will satisfy areas 1,3 and 4 above. But again, this training can all be conducted by any knowledgeable person as long as every area is included.

    If you have more questions contact:

    Charles R. Schulz
    Chief, HAZMAT & Packaging Training Division
    Defense Ammunition Center
    DSN: 956-8398
    COM: (918) 420-8398

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