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    FAR 16.104(e) mentions 'Combining contract types.' but doesn't explain enough to understand how a Cost-Plus-Award-Fee contract could also be a Time and Material contract. Can you discuss this situation or recommend reference material that talks about this situation so that a 1301(a) Analyst can be more informed


    Your question, especially the background information is difficult for me to follow.  I need you to call me at 703-805-4477.  I left you a phone message on Friday 18 Jan.  The most simple thing for you to understand is that a contract can segregate one block of work  from another block of work.  Each of these blocks of work  are described in their own CLIN (Contract Line Item in Section B of the contract).  Each CLIN, or blocks of work, can be under a different contract type.  In the case you have described,  one block of work is covered by a CPAF arrangement and another block of work is covered by a Time and Material arrangement.  The work and the payments for this work can not be intermingled.  An example is a development project where the prototype is being built under CPAF arrangement, while a seperate delivery of special test equipment falls under a T&M arrangement. In this case, the base fee and the award fee of the CPAF prototype work is not effected by the delivery or payment for the special test equipment T&M work.  Sometimes these are called mixed contracts, but most of the time they are called the contract type where the majority of the work lies.  It is not uncommon to find a "CPAF contract", that has one or more large dollar CPAF CLINS, but also include smaller dollar amount CLINS that are T&M or FFP. Again, I'm not sure if I'm answering your question, so please feel free to call me if you need more information on your specific question. 

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