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    Is the Contracting Officer able to accept an invoice (receipt for goods and services) to process the invoice for payment? Does this represent a conflict of interest or lack separation of function?


    IAW FAR 46.502  Responsibility for acceptance.
    Acceptance of supplies or services is the responsibility of the contracting officer. When this responsibility is assigned to a cognizant contract administration office or to another agency (see 42.202(g)), acceptance by that office or agency is binding on the Government.
    Often the COR/COTR or ACO accepts an invoice when the Contracting Officer assigns them that responsibility, but the Contracting Officer can accept supplies or services when they have confirmed the services and/or supplies have been delivered and are acceptable.
    However, if you are referring  to the  Government Purchase Card,  some roles may not be shared by an individual at the same time.  For example, a Government Purchase cardholder may not serve as an Approving Official for a purchase that the cardholder makes.

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