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    Understanding the definition of a New Start as a financial term, does it matter if the RDTE effort/program was previously justified with a different BA? (i.e., started an effort with BA3 and want to continue with BA4)


    The definition of a new start for RDT&E is found in the DoD Financial Management Regulation Volume 3, Chapter 6 – “Reprogramming of DOD Appropriated Funds” 
    Paragraph 060401.E.
    “A new start program for RDT&E is a new program element or project, or a major component thereof, as determined by specific supporting information provided in the R-2 and R2A (RDT&E Budget Item/Project Justification) exhibits not previously justified by the Department and funded by the Congress through the normal budget process is considered to be a new start.”
    Since the Budget Activity (BA) is included in the Program Element (PE), then work in a different BA would have to have a new program element.  Furthermore, RDT&E Budget Activity 3 is for Advanced Technology Development (ATD) which involve efforts in Concept and Technology Development phase tasks. PEs in this category would involve pre-Milestone A efforts.  Budget Activity 4 is catagorized as Advanced Component Development and Prototypes (ACD&P). Efforts necessary to evaluate integrated technologies, representative modes or prototype systems in a high fidelity and realistic operating environment are funded in this budget activity. PEs in this category would involve efforts between Milestone A and Milestone B.  In addition, a logical progression of program phases and development and/or production funding must be evident in the FYDP.

    With the information presented, this assessor would assume this effort is considered to a new start. 

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