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    Are there any provisions where CNDSP (Computer Network Defense Service Provider) requirements do not apply to RDT&E systems? What are the requirements for Isolated systems/networks? Computer Network Defense Service Provider


    IAW DODD (Directive-which means mandatory for all DoD) O-8530.1, January 8, 2001 and DOD O-8350.1-M (Manual), December 17, 2003, your isolated systems/networks would be subject to this policy.  However, these are dated policies and the OSD organization that manages these policies has changed.  DISA is now the lead for Network Defense.  The DISA Command Center for Network Defense Commander is Pat McNabb, 301-225-3637 (Network Assurance Command).  Recommend contact Mr. McNabb and your organization's CIO equivalent to get a decision on your network's status and compliance level with DODD O-8530.1.

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