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    Which are the benefits of building an Acqusition Business Case?


    The following is an excerpt from a GAO report on the importance of the acquisition business case for a major DoD system acquisition. It is presented here verbatim, and provides an excellent explanation that addresses your question:

    "We have frequently reported on the importance of using a solid, executable business case before committing resources to a new product development. In its simplest form, this is evidence that (1) the warfighter’s needs are valid and can best be met with the chosen concept, and (2) the chosen concept can be developed and produced within existing resources—that is, proven technologies, design knowledge, adequate funding, and adequate time to deliver the product when needed. At the heart of a business case is a knowledge-based approach to product development that demonstrates high levels of knowledge before significant commitments are made. In essence, knowledge supplants risk over time. This building of knowledge can be described as three levels or knowledge points that should be attained over the course of a program:
    • First, at program start, the customer’s needs should match the developer’s available resources—mature technologies, time, and funding. An indication of this match is the demonstrated maturity of the technologies needed to meet customer needs.
    • Second, about midway through development, the product’s design should be stable and demonstrate that it is capable of meeting performance requirements. The critical design review is that point of time because it generally signifies when the program is ready to start building productionrepresentative prototypes.
    • Third, by the time of the production decision, the product must be shown to be producible within cost, schedule, and quality targets and have demonstrated its reliability and the design must demonstrate that it performs as needed through realistic system level testing."

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