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    How do I submit a CODR?


    REF: OPNAVINST 5102.1D General Management Security and Safety Services/05-100 Safety and Occupational Health Services/5102.1D w CH-2.pdf

    26. Conventional Ordnance Deficiency Report (CODR).  CODR incident is where ordnance or weapon systems fail to function in accordance with the designed and/or intent of the system and results in no property damage or injury. This includes improper  storage, explosives, ammunition, explosive systems, or devices,  including weapon systems components that come in direct contact with the ordnance (e.g. ammunition, explosives, missiles) and armament, handling, support equipment used to fire, handle, load, deliver, store or transport ordnance.

    a. The Conventional Ordnance Deficiency Report (CODR).  A CODR is initiated for the following events using the Airborne Weapons Information System (AWIS) at For commands without Internet access use the procedures defined in of OPNAVINST 8000.16 Series.

    b. Malfunction. The failure to function properly of conventional ordnance, explosives, ammunition, small arms, weapons, or weapon system components and support equipment that come in direct contact with the ordnance.

    Example: Failure to launch, dud weapons, gun fails to cycle, JATO fails to ignite, etc.).

    c. Inadvertent Launch or Arming.  The unintentional launch, arming an explosive component or weapon caused by mechanical failure.

    d. Defective Weapons Support Equipment. Deficiencies involving any equipment or device used in the manufacture, test, assembly, handling or transportation of any explosive system, e.g., skids, trailers, slings or similar equipment.

    e. Observed Defect. A discovered defective weapon or weapon system component that comes in direct contact with the ordnance, small arms, weapons, conventional ordnance, explosives, and ammunition.

    Example: Protruding primers, cracked grains, damaged or broken breech bolts, broken or scratched missile radomes, and advanced corrosion). Items that are under warranty, new, or newly reworked will be reported using a Product Quality Deficiency Report (PQDR) per this instruction.

    f. Other Deficiencies. The failure of an explosive component or explosives system to test, calibrate, or otherwise meet pre-loading or pre-launch requirements.

    Example: The failure of Built-In-Test (BIT) and OTTO fuel spills. Any part of ordnance, ordnance systems, or ordnance equipment falling from aircraft requires a CODR per OPNAVINST 8000.16 Series.

    27. Data. All written and electronically stored documents including all enclosures, (regardless of form), which the COMNAVSAFECEN is the originator or release authority. This includes products of data compilation (regardless of form or characteristics), which have been made or received while transacting business or pursuing mission, as well as all documents produced, including those showing organization, policies, functions, decisions, or procedures of this command. This definition specifically includes electronic records and video recordings held by this command.

    I presume that the Navy website will provide additional CODR submission information/instructions (I could not open the listed website) with the requisite fields to fill out; otherwise, the OPNAVINST 8000.16 Series  is supposed to provide additional information for submitting the requisite information manually.

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