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    Can I include verbage in the RFP that the contractor can reduce the total value of his proposal by the dollar value of the recycled HVAC systems? Contractor is willing to do this.


    It is not clear if you awarded a contract under FAR 36.104 Construction and Architect-Engineer Contracts or whether this is a competed order under a multiple award contract, however, I would direct you to FAR 36.104 specifically subparagraph (b) where it addresses the need to use cost effective and innovative strategies in construction projects, to include renovations.  See excerpt below.  I recommend creating verbiage in the RFP whereby the cost reduction resulting from recycling is part of the evaluation criteria applied to all contractors who bid on the effort.  Offers should be instructed to identify the method of recycling and the anticipated cost reduction that is part of the overall price.  That particular initiative, since you are evaluating it, should beincorporated into the final order to reinforce the critical nature of the recycling effort.  You will also need to determine how you will evaluate it as a factor for all Offerors. 
    FAR 36.104:
    (b) Agencies shall implement high-performance sustainable building design, construction, renovation, repair, commissioning, operation and maintenance, management, and deconstruction practices so as to-
    (1) Ensure that all new construction, major renovation, or repair and alteration of Federal buildings complies with the Guiding Principles for Federal Leadership in High-Performance and Sustainable Buildings (available at;
    (2) Pursue cost-effective, innovative strategies, such as highly reflective and vegetated roofs, to minimize consumption of energy, water, and materials;
    (3) Identify alternatives to renovation that reduce existing assets' deferred maintenance costs;
    (4) Ensure that rehabilitation of Federally-owned historic buildings utilizes best practices and technologies in retrofitting to promote long-term viability of the buildings; and
    (5) Ensure pollution prevention and eliminate waste by diverting at least 50 percent of construction and demolition materials and debris by the end of Fiscal Year 2015.

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