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    Because of the significant price difference can I cut two contracts buying just the safe from one and purchasing the IT components from the other. If I can, do I need to then go through Army Chess to purchase the IT specific parts?


    We recommend some potential thought processes and possible courses of actions:
    1) Whenever a wide ranges of prices are quoted by different vendors you should double check to make sure that your specifications were definitive enough to ensure that vendors are pricing the same type item
    2) If some vendors can only quote on a portion of your requirement, perhaps too similar items have been bundled to make for an effective acquisition
    3) We are not completely certain of the Army's requirement to utilize the Army Chess suite of contracts.  It's possible that the Army requires IT be purchased through this method.
    4) Doing a partial award based on varying offers resulting from a single solicitation is only possible if you allowed it in the terms of the solicitation itself.  This will depend on whether your RFQ allows for a split award or is an "all or nothing" type of selection method. DAU emphasizes the importance of market research prior to initiation of an acquisition action to preclude foreseeable issues that might necessitate a re-solicitation and delay in contact award.

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