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    Regarding storage of 2.2 items with a compatibility group assigned, the DOD 6055.09 paragraph C3.3.3 states 2.2 items with a CG may be stored IAW the CG. On table C3.T1 the CG S is compatible with everything except CG A, K, and L. Note 5 says NON-Class 1 AE and Class 1 AE with the SAME CG may be stored together. Can 2.2S be stored on an open storage location with compatability groups other than S?


    The compatibility will be based on the Group "S" not taking the 2.2 into account for storage of these items. Yes, you can store "S" with other compatibility groups (except CG A, K, and L). The reference is  DoD 6055.09-M, DoD Ammunition and Explosives Safety Standards, Vol 1, Paragraph V1.E6.4 and Table V1.E6.T1 at:

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