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    In reading the Contract Closeout Guidebook, i noticed that BPAs can be closeout after 20 months. We are currently destroying contracts that have exceeded their disposition date but it is unclear on Agreements. Some files are labeled 6 years 3 months and others say 3 years. Do I base it off the call or the overall value of the Agreement? I cannot find a clear disposition date. 20 Months is the Standard Timeframe for Agreements IAW 4.804


    FAR 4.804-1 (a)(4) states Files for all other contracts should be closed within 20 months of the month in which the contracting officer receives evidence of physical completion.  You must close-out all of the calls before closing out the BPA itself. 

    FAR 4.805 shows the timelines for storage, handling, disposition of contract files.  You would follow this part of the FAR for disposition.  Base the disposition on the overall value of the Agreement.  Follow the retention period stated for the document types that you have.

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