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    Does the multiple award preference at FAR 16.504 apply to sole source awards pursuant to FAR Subpart 19.8?


    No, the multiple award preference at FAR 16.504 does not apply.  The rules at 19.805-1 apply.  The rules on sole source 8(a) do not change as a result of contract type or vehicle.  I realize that you have probably seen alot of policy (Better Buying Power, for example) and memo's encouraging competition.  Awards to 8(a) firms are an exception.  The purpose of the 8(a) program is to help small emerging companies to grow. Under the $4M threshold, sole source awards are encouraged and expected.   IAW 19.805-1 (d),  if you want to compete two or more 8(a)'s you must get a waiver from the SBA.

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