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    1) A ship platform PMW integrates and install C4I systems provided by the product PMWs into CVNs and LHAs. The platform PMW is creating a new RFP for installation and integration of product PMWs POR system. The product PMW has already asserted CCA compliance for their respective PORs so the platform PMW is only responsible for integrating the system on the ship platforn. Q: Is the platform PMW required to assert CCA compliance for the RFP? 2) A product PMW is planning a refresh only of POR hardware and software as part of the lifecycle process. Q: Is the product PMW required to assert CCA compliance for this effort?


    The PMW elements are certified as CCA compliant as part of the (mandatory) requirements of the IT component Information Support Plan (ISP). They are reported initially and followed up as necessary by the PM in an annual memo to the component CIO. A Directive-Type Memo is in preparation (by Mr. Hayes’ office that will explain the requirements of the risk-based oversight of ACAT 1 and below programs.

    The response to your question of what is required if the components are combined as a system of systems (SoS) from Mr. Hayes is that there should exist in the plan to build the SoS a reference to the CCA compliance tests: ROI of the system, other existing systems that can perform the notional tasks, need for business process re-engineering. These seem to be covered on their face because you appear to be using systems from within your existing portfolios. The CCA question then becomes one of performance. Interoperability is a requirement. Does the new architecture of the SoS and the performance of the existing components that architecture describes pose challenges that will need to be tested for Interoperability certification? If the answer is "yes," this system will need to be proven as Interoperable, and then listed in the next PM-to-component CIO CCA roll-up. The May 18, 2012 Memo on CCA for MDAP/MAIS places the burden on the PM to report the CCA compliance of the IT systems within the purview of the PM.

    Finally, you asked about CCA compliance for IT service contracts. DoDI 5000.02, Enclosure 9 Section 5.2 identifies IT services as coming under the purview of service contracting rules, and identifies cost-based requirements. Enclosure 9 section 8 requires CCA compliance in all IT service contracts. Again, the administrative burden is slight – the PM has to list the program and its service contract on the annual CCA roll-up to the component CIO. Component CIOs are then responsible for policing the integrity of the roll-ups they are receiving. The objective, though, is awareness on the parts of all involved that the systems being provided are capable of meeting those warfighter requirements related to CCA compliance.

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