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    Is there a course/resource available that explains how the DoD Supply System works and that would satisfy concerns about quality assurance for items procured from DLA?


    The DAU course Log 340 Life Cycle Product Support has a chapter on supply chain management but not in the detail you need to address your specific question. Specific supply system  training is done at the local level. This training should cover local policy and procedures such as the policy of Certificates of Conformance who does them and how are they used and when.   Check and see if you organization has the specific training you need. I would also review the supply system procedures that DLA has in place for your organization.

    NSWCIHD and DLA may have a MOU or MOA in place covering material delivered from DLA. I have reviewed our courses and our Continuous learning Modules and am not able to find a class on learning asset that addresses your specific question.

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