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    I am a sub-contractor and we have 3 additional subs under us. I am being told from the prime contractor that I should issue the DD254 to the subs under me. Is this correct? If so where do I list them on the DD254 form?


    Complete a DD 254 for each sub as noted below from the DD 254 INSTRUCTIONS,PAGE 5,

    The following website has the actual form:

    Ask your prime to talk to the contracting officer if you have morequestions. A completed DD Form 254, with attachments and supplements as applicable, isthe basic document by which classification, regrading, and reclassificationofspecifications are documented and provided to prime contractors. It isdesigned to identify the specific items of classified information involvedin the contract that require security classification protection. Based onthe classification guidance received from NR&D, each contractor isresponsible for developing the DD Form 254 for each classified subcontract,request for proposal, or other solicitation let to cleared subcontractorfacilities.

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