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    So my question is, with the fiscal year continuing, and ever increasing pressure to obligate our 3600 funding, are we coming in at the proper Milestone? Can we come in at MS A, recieve an ADM, and use the 3600 funds to help prepare our MS B package? If that is not the right fit, can we still utilize the 3600 funds to help prepare the system's MS B package, without having an ADM at all? Our 3400 funds are getting slashed, and we are hoping to utlize the 3600 funds to assist in getting the MS B package together to support these new requirements. Thanks for all the help--hope this is clear.


    Without a lot more information on your program, I cannot determine if you are entering at the proper milestone or not. I can tell you all acquisition programs require a Material Development Decision (MDD) documented in an Acquisition Decision Memorandum (ADM) and signed by the Milestone Decision Authority (MDA). The MDA determines the acquisition phase of entry and the initial review milestone. Phase of entry is based heavily on technology maturity. I have never seen funding availability being a factor in determining entry phase. Your RDT&E funding infusion should allow you to prepare your program documentation. Also, most of the documentation for Milestone B will meet your Clinger-Cohen Act (CCA) requirement. (Reference DoD 5000.02 for specific requirements). You should get more specifics on the CCA bottleneck to determine what action needs to take place to get the program moving. This really sounds like the issue that needs to be resolved.

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