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    What should the contractor officer require from Civil Engineering when referencing technical sources in SOW?


    It’s important to give any potential offeror as much insight into a forthcoming solicitation. The more information you can give them, the less ambiguity there will be later for the potential offerors by the time an RFP is released.  Since this precursor RFI was intended to solicit comments and recommendations from industry as well as aid in defining Government requirements later in a subsequent RFP, it sounds like you actually got some of the information you needed to help build a more definitive RFP. By the time it's released, an RFP should clearly enunciate all the requirements.  In the case that you described, if both the fire alarm and fire suppression system designs need to be “class A,” then it should clearly state so in your RFP. 

    The technical references are also very important since they give more declarative guidance to all offerors.  The fire suppression and fire alarm design subject matter experts (as well as the other technical SMEs who play apart in this solicitation) would be in the best position to recommend the minimum (and most current) technical references in order for all offerors to respond effectively to an RFI and respond competively to an RFP.

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