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    Since there is no 52.246-11, but a 52.246-2, is my surveillance strategy going to be limited to standard inspection? Or does the 52.246-9008 DLAD serve as a higher level authority?


    The Government as well as the contractor has to follow the clauses in the contract.  As you stated, this contract includes FAR 52.246-2 and DLAD 52.246-9008 so those are the two clauses the government and contract have to follow.  At the end of DLAD 52.246-9008 it states (g) Additional inspection requirements may be required, based on the evaluation of the surplus offer, by the procuring activity. Such additional requirements, if necessary, will be identified before the award. 


    If nothing else was identified before award you only have FAR 52.246-2 and DLAD 52.246-9008.  Does the contracting officer think a higher level of inspection is required? If they do then they should try to modify the contract bilaterally adding the clause FAR 52.246-11.

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