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    Several questions: 1. Due to sensitive nature of the work (secret) can the defense contractor house these individuals? 2. Do they need to report this on a disclosure statement? 3. Do they need to officially notify the government/ACO that is also resident in their facility? 4 Could this be considered a security breach? Not sure if I need to act on this, but my gut says I do.


    When a CMO is resident at a contractor's plant, they are tenants of the company.  The agreement is usually made through a MOA and the Government is responsible for maintaining adequate security measures.  The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) facility clearance branch generally handles the security requirements when establishing a new CMO.  Within DISA, the Defense Security Service (DSS) is usually responsible for security issues. Once the Government and the company have established responsibilities for security, operations are allowed to continue.  Anytime there is an issue, the CMO should work with the DISA to address them.
    DCMA does have written policy on "Physical Security", which can be found in
    policy publications section of the DCMA portal.
    To answer your specific questions, both the company and the Government have a responsibility to secure classified material and control classified environments.  The DCMA office must also take some level of responsibility in this area.  This is not an issue that would be addressed in the company's disclosure statement.  The disclosure statement is only for identifying accounting practices.  I would not expect that the company needs to notify the CMO of the possibility of non-cleared personnel in the building, as the CMO has responsibility for ensuring no classified material is disclosed to non-cleared personnel anyway.  If you feel that classified material is breached, you must immediately notify your security officer.  If you have additional security questions, I recommend you discuss them with your security officer or the Defense Security Service.

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