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    Question: (Note: text in parentheses are added to conversation for additionally needed clarification) The current threshold on Certificate of Current Cost or Pricing Data is $700,000. At the time of _____ award it was either $600,000 or $650,000. Do we need to modify the clause revision date (or otherwise modify open prime and subcontract actions) to reflect the increase to $700,000, or is it (and like thresholds per clauses, e.g., CAS, ACO CAS Notification, Consent, Small Business Plans, Cost Analysis...etc) automatically implied when the threshold is (are) changed? Government KO Answer: Yes, it is automatic. As long as (the dollar threshold) is not stated, then it automatically updates itself. Just please make sure your proposals reflect the same dollar threshold.


    The format for the actual Certificate of Current Cost or Pricing Data shown at FAR 15.406-2 refers to what is "required under FAR subsection 15.403-4" to address contracting situations where the dollar threshold may have changed. By referring the reader to the current version of the FAR, the reader is automatically referred to the current (perhaps revised) dollar threshold without requiring modification to contract documentation.

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