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    Can certain sub-systems/components of a end item that has been designated as a CORE capability also be designated as CORE? If so, who determines which sub-systems and what is the process? Or is the CORE designation only done at the end item level?


    The DoD policy for determination of “core capability” is described in DoDI 4150.20, Depot Maintenance Core Capabilities Determination Process,” 5 January 2007.

    Legislation requires that a determination be made by Milestone A regarding the applicability of core logistics requirements for acquisition programs.  Normally, this analysis would consider whether the entire system, or particular subsets of the system, requires depot maintenance capability. 

    DoDI 4150.20, Enclosure 1, E1.7, describes Depot Maintenance as follows:

    Depot Maintenance. For the purposes of this Instruction (DoDI 4150.20), the processes of materiel maintenance or repair involving the overhaul, upgrading, rebuilding, testing, inspection, and reclamation (as necessary) of weapons systems, equipment end items, parts, components, assemblies, and subassemblies. Depot maintenance also includes all aspects of software maintenance; the installation of parts or components for modifications; and technical assistance to intermediate maintenance organizations, operational units, and other activities.

    If a system has already been designated as “core,” then the default assumption would be that all sub-systems are also “core” if the earlier determination of applicability did not make this distinction.  If the intention is to designate some sub-systems as “core” and others not at this time, then this determination and implementation of the process is a Component (Service) level responsibility.  (DoDI 4151.20, paragraph 5.3)

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