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    16.505(b)(1) actually states that fair opportunity (not competition) is required for orders over $3000. I can't find the definition for fair opportunity in the FAR. And, I don't see how the DFARS references if for FSS orders only. DFARS 216.505-70 is for orders under multiple award contracts. would this db construction matoc not be included in that? Help! How do I articulate the definition of Fair Opportunity and the difference between that and competition?


    "Fair opportunity" is offered to contractors, i.e., suppliers who have already been awarded a contract (or BPA). It is used when a contract is already in place. "Competition" is used for soliciting suppliers when a contract has not yet been awarded for the Government requirement. Think of "fair opportunity" as going above and beyond the initial competition used to initially select contractors for an indefinite delivery contract.

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