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    Can we use the government purchase card to purchase an equipment demonstration? The company from Canada will be coming to our facility to demonstrate the usage of a vacuum truck.. It just a demonstration we are not yet purchasing the equipment. Thnaks!


    Unless your Agency has specific policy preventing the use of the Governmentwide Commercial Purchase Card, it may be used for this demonstration (service), up to the GCPC  threshold of $3,000.00.  FAR reference below:

    13.301 -- Governmentwide Commercial Purchase Card.

    (a) Except as provided in 32.1108(b)(2), the Governmentwide commercial purchase card is authorized for use in making and/or paying for purchases of supplies, services, or construction. The Governmentwide commercial purchase card may be used by contracting officers and other individuals designated in accordance with 1.603-3. The card may be used only for purchases that are otherwise authorized by law or regulation.

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