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    In the annexes, this IMI and IBCT is not called out. Which portion of the dcoument is the requirements listed? Is everything in the entire document a requirement, or just the items called out in the Annexes? Also, if you can provide an answer, can you also provide the appropriate regulation that supports?


    The wording of the question makes it difficult to provide a definitive reply without seeing the actual CPD.  The following is provided, which may address the issue.

    The JCIDS online manual, available at, notes the nominal format for a CPD is a Cover Page, 16 sections, and 4 Appendices.  Some of the sections, such as Section (1), Capability Discussion and Section; (6) Production KPPs, KSAs, and additional performance attributes; and section (12) Assets Required to Achieve FOC will almost certainly contain “requirements” that may not be found in an Appendix to the body of the CPD.

    A review of Army Regulation, 700-142, 17 January 2013, paragraph 4-5d. notes the following:

      Full materiel release (FMR). A FMR is the formal certification that the materiel is safe, suitable (meets all of its performance requirements), and supportable (logistically) when used within its stated operational parameters. This certification provides the authorization for a PM to proceed to—
    (1) A FRP decision review (on developmental programs) when all MR requirements are satisfied.
    (2) Fielding to Soldiers on nondevelopmental acquisition programs or when satisfying requirements with commercial products. In these cases, all FMR requirements must be satisfied. Criteria for FMR are found in paragraph 4–6.

    A review of Table 4-6 under the “Suitable” category requires a “CAPDEV” training assessment (statement of adequacy of institutional training support).

      For a Training Materiel Release (TMR), a similar requirement is noted in Table 4-8 under “Suitability,” that is, a CAPDEV training assessment (adequacy of institutional training support) is required to achieve a Training Materiel Release (TMR).

    Based on the above, it would appear TRADOC is justified in withholding its endorsement of either a FMR or TMR for lack of required training capabilities, but again, without seeing the actual CPD, a definitive answer is not possible.

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