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    My question are: What, specifically, is the difference between the Defense Acquisition System and the Defense Acquisition Management System? When is it appropriate to use Defense Acquisition System as opposed to Defense Acquisition Management System? Is one a subset of the other? And if so, what specifically exists outside of the smaller System that is contained in the larger one? Thanks, Joe


    The Defense Acquisition System is the management process for all DoD acquisition programs. DoD Directive 5000.01, The Defense Acquisition System, provides the policies and principles that govern defense acquisition.
    DoD Instruction 5000.02, Operation of the Defense Acquisition System, establishes the management framework that implements these policies and principles. The Defense Acquisition Management System is an event-based process.
    Acquisition programs proceed through a series of milestone reviews and other decision points that may authorize entry into a significant new program phase. Details of the reviews, decision points, and program phases are found in Enclosure 2 of DoDI 5000.02. The Instruction also identifies the specific statutory and regulatory information requirements for each milestone and decision point.
    DoD Directive 5000.01 defines the Defense Acquisition System as "the management process by which the Department of Defense provides effective, affordable, and timely systems to the users" and is signed by the DepSecDef.
    DoD Instruction 5000.02 "establishes a simplified and flexible management framework for translating capability needs and technology opportunities, based on approved capability needs, into stable, affordable, and well-managed acquisition programs that include weapon systems, services, and automated information systems (AISs)" and is signed by USD (AT&L), ASD NII, and DOT&E.
    In simpler terms, the Defense Acquisition System (DAS) is the overarching management process and the the Defense Acquisition Management System (DAMS) is the management framework the acquisition workforce uses to accomplish this process.

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