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    Do Independent Government Estimates need to be signed (electronic or wet) by the person who prepared it? Is there a specific regulation that requires it?


    Although the FAR/DFARS/PGI mentions the need for technical experts to provide us pricing support either as an Independent Government Estimate or a technical evaluation, it does not specifically say that these documents must be signed (primary reference is 15.404-1 and supplements). But, I completely agree that a signature is implied and your request for a signature should be pursued.

    I would be concerned about an underlying issue. Is the individual being forced to do an evaluation he/she is not capable or trained to do? Is this individual appropriately trained, yet refusing to act as an acquisition professional? The contracting officer has to sign the price-negotiation memorandum saying that the price is fair and reasonable. If the contracting officer is relying on an IGCE that an individual will not sign, then I think the contracting officer will have to elevate the problem to find a technical expert who will sign their own work or a find a supervisor who will handle this possible personnel issue.

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