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    Is there a speciific form that they can make this exact request to acquire GFE from the government that has been moth balled or is on hand for the contract performance. They would like nto make a request for Government Furnished Equipment on a Certain Contract Proposal and need the Forms.


    There is no existing contract under which this firm may make a FAR clause 52.245-9 based request for GFP to the contracting officer (KO) of that contract.
    From your parsimonious description it appears the small business concern may be developing an unsolicited proposal that they would submit to the US ARMY.  If this is the case, the best they can do is make their proposal contingent upon the US ARMY making such property (you describe) available to them upon award.
    It is the responsibility of the requiring activity (wishing to award a contract to satisfy some operational need) and the contracting officer to either obtain permission to use US ARMY property or otherwise obtain such property by contacting the owning agency (USAF?), then documenting written justification of the need to provide it on a solicitation in accordance with FAR 45.102 and DFARS PGI 245.103-70.
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